My MVP Stack

by Steve Tenuto on

After posting Clientroute's landing page on Indiehackers last week, I received a lot of great feedback and excitement around the idea. Last weekend, I decided to move away from Trello (for now), and build a simple dashboard for users to plan and manage projects.

The User Dashboard

As of this writing, I've just about completed the user dashboard. It's built with HTML, SCSS, Vue.js and Firebase. Trello users should feel right at home:
Clientroute Dashboard

I've used Vue.js on a few projects in the past year, and it's pretty safe to say that a project management app is a perfect use-case for Vue.

As for storing data, this is my first time not using a PHP/MySQL back-end and database. I'm using Firebase to handle user authentication, realtime data storage and file uploads. Their documentation is simple and to-the-point, making it pretty easy to be up and running in minutes.

Once the interface was built using HTML/SCSS, I split it into Vue components and added the necessary data and state management to my model. I integrated Firebase into the app, and I was up and running.

"At first, it almost felt like I was cheating."

No mysqli() functions. No complicated INNER JOIN queries. Not even a single $.ajax() call. My Vue data model is pushed to Firebase when changes occur, which in turn, are reflected in realtime for any other users of the app. At first, it almost felt like I was cheating. It's that easy.

Beta Signups

Needless to say, development is moving fast. I should be able to open this up for a private beta by early June. I'll be sure to send out an email to subscribers when that happens.

Thanks for reading!