The Ever Evolving Dashboard

by Steve Tenuto on

In my last post, I gave you a quick look at my Trello-clone that my users will use to manage their projects and client portals.


I spent part of my Memorial Day weekend re-designing the dashboard to look a bit more like Slack allow the user to follow a more linear path through a project.

clientroute dashboard

The kanban design is great... It allows the user the flexibility to make it do pretty much whatever you need it to do. This is why Trello is used for everything from planning weddings to managing large agile teams building enterprise software.

But I realized that's not what my tool is for. Clientroute is an project management tool built for small digital studios and agencies. It's focused on better aligning teams and clients throughout each step of the process.

Development Todos

I'll working my way through a few UX items for the next day or two (delete confirmations, undo, etc). Then, I plan to create a way for users to invite and manage team members and change a few account details.

After the dashboard is ready to go, I'll need to build the client-facing portal. This should come together quickly as I'll be reusing comonents I've already built in Vue.

Public Beta

A firm date for being able to open a public beta is still a bit hazy, but I'll be sure to send an email out to my subscribers when it's ready.

Until then, feel free to give me a shout at

Thanks for reading!